The Tour 150

This weekend saw the start of the Tour 150. An event organized by NB Trails to bring trail users from all four corners of the province together to celebrate the trails that connect us all. Over 17 different organizations will be supporting the event, many of them Velo NB affiliated clubs as the tour covers over 1300km of trail in the province.

The organizations are transporting 4 pieces of a large wooden map from Edmundston, Lemeque, Port Jourimain, and St Stephen across the province, and meeting in Fredericton for a grand celebration at Government House.

This past weekend saw the first legs of the journey as cyclists helped bring their piece of the puzzle from Port Elgin to Moncton, hosted by Coopérative La Bikery Co-operative. Under rainy skies, the 115 leg was the first long ride of the tour, and a great challenge for all involved. The Southeast part of the map makes it’s way by foot from Riverview down the Dobson, and into Fundy National Park this week.

Cory holds the “South East” part of the map as they started the journey this past weekend.

Would you like to be a part of this awesome journey? There are lots of opportunities for you to grab your bike and join in on the fun this month. The following information and links are provided by the organizers, and clubs that are running bike rides as part of The Tour 150. There are other parts of the tour done on foot, in the water and on horseback.

For a full schedule of events, as well as more information on the tour, visit the NB Trails Tour 150 website for more information. You’ll find a full schedule of events in the “Schedule”, and a full preview of the route in the “Map”.

Want to join the cycling adventure from St Stephen to Grand Bay on August 22? Visit the Facebook event page for more information, and to contact organizers. Facebook Event – St. Stephen to Grand Bay

The Folks on Spokes will be bringing the two pieces from the north of the province to Fredericton with a 100km ride from Woodstock/Grafton to Fredericton on Friday 25 Aug 2017. There’s lots of great trails connecting the two, with great stops along the way for snacks and lunch. Watch for the details on their Facebook Page for more details on the ride.

Saint John Cycling is helping to bring the two southern pieces together for the final leg of the journey. Their leg begins on the 21st and the 22nd of this month. You can follow along on the progress, and learn more information on joining the ride on the Facebook Event – Tour 150 Saint John Cycling

Want to join the final piece of the journey? Meet up Saturday, August 26 at the Government House in Fredericton. More information, and RSVP instructions can be found below.

“This will be a historic event.”  says Executive Director of New Brunswick Trails Council, Poul Jorgensen. “We will be celebrating both the connection of the Trans Canada Trail through our province, which has been over 20 years in the making, and Canada’s 150th year of confederation.”



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Tour 150 Press Release