2017 Cylocross Updates

Over the course of the summer Velo NB has seen an increase of youth participants in youth racing in XCO events. As the fall cyclocross season comes forward a group was formed in order to access how to properly address concerns of youth participation in cyclocross racing. After discussion, the following recommendations were made, and will be implemented starting this year.

Velo NB cyclocross races are open to all who are aged 15* or over (age on December 31st of the current year). Consideration will be given to a younger cyclist who can demonstrate that he/she has met at least one of the following criteria:

–          Has participated in a minimum of two Velo NB sanctioned cyclocross races (full races) in the previous two years.

–          Has participated in a cyclocross development camp (through the Provincial Youth Mountain Bike Team or similar) and has demonstrated during this time the capacity to ride a cyclocross course at race pace.

–          Has demonstrated racing pedigree by finishing top 3 in the Velo NB mountain bike XCO series  for the U15 male and female categories for the current year.

The need arose as we anticipated an increase in participation of youth. We didn’t want to have the youth racers to interfere with Senior and Junior riders that are participating at a higher level, and cause incidents that maybe avoidable. Safety of everyone on course is key to a successful event.

At the same time some organizers  will be running a youth race as part of their events in order to provide everyone the opportunity to gain the experience of cross racing. A shorter race is a perfect way to provide opportunities for the younger racers in order to gain valuable knowledge of cross racing. Some will be done on the same course, or an abbreviated one after or before the main race.