Benefits of Affiliation

Benefits of Affiliation:

  • publicity for your club on Velo NB’s website
  • access to coaching and officiating education and programming
  • support for club activities and events
  • access to funding opportunities for club initiatives
  • recognition of your club at events sanctioned by Velo NB and other UCI /Cycling Canada affiliates
  • access to our national insurance program for club activities, plus optional add-ons for members

Note to clubs
Explanation of insurance coverage for clubs

For more information, such as how to access our insurance program for your club activities, risk management, forms such as certificate request and accident claim, please also refer to *note that “member” means a member of Velo NB. We can also access insurance coverage for club events open to non-members, and affordable insurance for “learn-to” clinics such as Let’s Ride! and CAN-BIKE. Get in touch with Velo NB for details.

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