Cycling Canada Approves Disc Brakes

Cycling Canada Approves Disc Brakes for Domestic Road Events

Effective immediately, the Cycling Canada Board, in consultation with the Inter-Provincial Council [IPC] and all relevant Committees and stakeholders, has approved the use of disc brakes for all domestic road events across Canada, with the exception of UCI-sanctioned competitions. Further discussions will take place with the UCI, with the hope of obtaining an exemption to allow disc brakes for the 2018 Canadian Road Championships. [Continue Reading…]

2017 Cylocross Updates

Over the course of the summer Velo NB has seen an increase of youth participants in youth racing in XCO events. As the fall cyclocross season comes forward a group was formed in order to access how to properly address concerns of youth participation in cyclocross racing. After discussion, the following recommendations were made, and will be implemented starting this year.

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