Status Update – Covid-19

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and restrictions are announced by the Canadian Government, and the Province of New Brunswick, Velo NB has had to review the status of events and programming in the province.

We are following the public health authorities recommendations, and reviewing the information that is provided to us from Cycling Canada. In order to minimize the transmission of the virus, and reduce pressure on all involved in the sport of cycling, Velo NB is recommending that all cycling events on the calendar be postponed or cancelled until June 14th.

We have communicated this information to event organizers, and are working with them to reschedule events. The event calendar will continue to be updated with new information as it becomes available.

As the situation continues to evolve, Velo NB will reassess the situation on May 1st, for the events happening after June 15th.

We ask clubs and organizations to follow suit with suspension of activities at this time as well. The situation continues to evolve, and organized group rides and activities can place many different individuals at risk.

We understand that this decision will affect upcoming programming such as Canada Games preparations. Velo NB will be in direct communications with those involved in the programs in order to provide information and make arrangements as needed.

For more information on cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the following for more information.



Puisque la situation entourant la COVID-19 continue d’évoluer et que des restrictions sont annoncées par le gouvernement du Canada et le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick, Vélo NB a dû revoir le statut des programmes et activités dans la province.

Nous suivons les recommandations des autorités de santé publique et nous examinons l’information fournie par Cycling Canada Cyclisme. Afin de minimiser la transmission du virus et de réduire la pression exercée sur toutes les personnes concernées par le sport du cyclisme, Vélo NB recommande que toutes les activités de cyclisme figurant au calendrier soient annulées ou repoussées jusqu’au 14 juin.

Nous communiquons cette recommandation aux organisateurs d’activités et nous travaillons avec eux pour fixer une autre date. Le calendrier des activités sera mis à jour au fur et à mesure que l’information nous sera transmise.

Vélo NB réévaluera la situation le 1er mai pour ses activités prévues après le 15 juin.

Nous demandons aux clubs et organisations de suspendre leurs activités pour le moment. La situation continue d’évoluer et les sorties de groupes et autres activités peuvent mettre en danger de nombreuses personnes.

Nous comprenons que cette décision aura un impact sur les programmes à venir, comme la préparation en vue des Jeux du Canada. Vélo NB sera en communication directe avec les personnes concernées par ces programmes afin de fournir les renseignements pertinents et de prendre les dispositions nécessaires.

Pour de plus amples renseignements sur le cyclisme pendant la pandémie de la COVID-19, veuillez consulter le site web de Cycling Canada Cyclisme.

Velo NB COVID-19 Update

Following the Cycling Canada update on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Velo NB will be following their recommendations at this time. We’ve been engaged with Cycling Canada, the Government of New Brunswick Sport Branch, and other stakeholders to maintain communication on the ongoing situation.

At this time, we will be suspending any activities until the first of May. No races or events are affected by this, but we will have to reschedule upcoming athlete development camps. We will be providing an update on those camps when available.

If you have any questions regarding the situation, please contact the Executive Director.

Suite à la mise à jour de Cyclisme Canada sur la pandémie de COVID-19 en cours, Velo NB suivra ses recommandations pour le moment. Nous nous sommes engagés auprès de Cyclisme Canada, de la Direction du sport du gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick et d’autres intervenants à maintenir la communication sur la situation actuelle.

Pour le moment, nous allons suspendre toute activité jusqu’au 1er mai. Aucune course ou événement n’est concerné par cette mesure, mais nous devrons reporter les prochains camps de développement des athlètes. Nous ferons le point sur ces camps dès que nous obtiendrons des renseignements à ce sujet.

Si vous avez des questions concernant la situation, veuillez communiquer avec le directeur exécutif.


Government of New Brunswick Information

Bicycle Safety Working Group Update

The Higgs Government will not adopt road safety recommendations by the provincial Bicycle Safety Working Group.

Since August 2016, representatives of Velo NB, Saint John Cycling, and Fredericton Folks on Spokes have met with government officials to discuss needed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, including a one- metre clearance rule when passing cyclists.

In December 2016, competitive cyclist Ellen Watters was struck by a vehicle while training near her home in Sussex. She died from her injuries. She was 26 years old.

After Watters death, New Brunswickers rallied across the province demanding stronger laws to protect vulnerable road users, such as cyclists. A one-meter clearance rule, known as Ellen’s Law, was introduced to the legislature in March 2017 and a Bicycle Safety Strategy Working Group was formed under the Department of Public Safety to make further recommendations for safety legislation.

The working group provided their report to government in July 2018. After the fall election, representatives from Saint John Cycling, Folks on Spokes and Velo NB met with the new Minister of Public Safety, Carl Urquhart, to discuss the recommendations. After months of follow up with government officials, Premier Higgs has informed Saint John Cycling and Velo NB that his government would be taking no further actions with the recommendations.

“I am disturbed by the way our elected officials pass off their promises and responsibilities,” said Nancy Watters, mother of Ellen Watters.

“I was disappointed,” said Wayne Arrowsmith, Advocacy Director for Velo NB and member of the working group. “The amendments we are asking for are to enhance basic safety, promote the physical and mental health of New Brunswickers, and aid in the promotion of cycle tourism.

“Unlike programs and infrastructure, these amendments cost nothing. It’s a no-brainer.”

Recommendations of the working group would update definitions in the Motor Vehicle Act to address enforcement issues, provide rules for “dooring” when a cyclist is hit by an opened door of a vehicle, provide municipalities the authority to allow bicycles on designated sidewalks, and a commitment to holding annual meetings with the Department of Public Safety.

Regular meetings would have provided the opportunity for continued work to ensure New Brunswick roads are safe for all users. New Brunswick is one of four provinces in Canada that does not have legislation that addresses dooring, along with Nova Scotia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. However, Nova Scotia has dooring rules currently under development. New Brunswick also has one of the lowest distracted driving fines in the country, even with the recently proposed increase in Bill 16.

The Bicycle Safety Strategy Working Group included representatives from several government departments, the New Brunswick RCMP, Saint John Police Force, Association francophone des municipalités du Nouveau Brunswick, Velo NB, Fredericton Folks on Spokes and Saint John Cycling. Their full report may be found at

Media Contacts:

Wayne Arrowsmith, Advocacy Director for Velo NB and working group member 506-647-1530

Gary Crowley, Director for Saint John Cycling and working group member 506-647-5113

Nick Cameron, Advocacy Lead for Saint John Cycling 506-343-7946