Safe Sport

The Canadian Sport Helpline provides Canadian sport participants of all levels compete in a safe and welcoming environment. Are you aware of a suspected incident of abuse, harassment, discrimination or bullying? Do you have questions and/or concerns regarding this incident?

We are here to provide you with advice, guidance and resources on how to proceed/intervene appropriately in the circumstances.


Velo NB has taken the pledge and works within the Responsible Coaching Movement. The goal is to make sport safer for children and the vulnerable sector. Although advances in athlete protection in the past twenty years have decreased instances of athlete maltreatment in amateur sport, incidents of athlete abuse, harassment by coaches, and risks to athlete safety have continued to occur.

To reduce risk in sport, the Responsible Coaching Movement focuses on three key areas: Rule of Two, Background Screening, and Ethics & Respect Training.

Rule of Two Infographic

The Safesport Toolbox from the Coaching Association of Canada has many documents that you can use to educate and inform yourself.

The following page provides a full outline outline of policies and procedures that Velo NB follows in regards to Safe Sport.