The Next Steps in Deconfinement, and a Return to Sport

Velo NB is prepared to move into the next steps of deconfinement, and a return to play starting in the month of August.

The goal is to start fun, local competitive events in order to have individuals have the chance to start racing in 2020. These events will not be part of a Provincial Series, or Provincial Championships, but are intended to start the process and get back to a more competitive nature. As such, events that were on the provincial calendar have been postponed at this time. Please stay tuned as we update the events calendar with upcoming events, as well as social media outlets.

We’ve reviewed recommendations and guidelines from stakeholders in cycling and other sports to develop a set of guidelines for local, and club level competition. You’ll find this document in the link below. It follows recommendations set forth by the Province of New Brunswick as well as those from within our sport. We believe this to be a strong set of guidelines that protects participants, volunteers, and organizers. It helps identify issues that come up in sport during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as cycling specific issues that we’ve seen and identified.

COVID Guidelines Club and Local Competitions