Velo NB and Velo Canada are looking for volunteers for the 2022 Pedal Poll.

Building on the success of 2021, volunteers stationed in Moncton and Fredericton will observe cyclists pass by, collecting valuable data on who is biking and where. This years Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo will take place between June 7th and 12th. 

Join us and invite others to participate in Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo, Canada’s National cyclist count! We will provide instructions for communities to collect data so it can be compared regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo looks to identify who is cycling and where they are cycling. We look to see were people are riding, who is riding them, and how many people are cycling. The National Active Transportation Strategy is supporting more infrastructure in our communities. This infrastructure should be enabling more people to ride; safe and happy. To make sure we get the most of this investment, we need to know who is using it. Because what gets measured matters.

Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo helps us learn about how diverse Canadians experience cycling by including communities that may get traditionally overlooked from info gathering and infrastructure improvements. We know women and racialized people are disproportionately excluded from cycling. One step toward inclusion is to measure what is currently happening. We know New Brunswick is a diverse province and we want to see who is riding here.

For more information visit the Velo Canada Pedal site. You can also find the results of the 2021 Pedal Poll.