Supporting Women Ride Leaders in NB

This month Velo NB worked with Womens Ride Leaders from around the province to participate in a Level 1 PMBIA training course. These Ride Leaders are part of their local communities, participating and organizing in local groups that promote women in cycling. Velo NB started working on this project in 2019, but due to COVID restrictions we had to postpone for a couple of years. We want to thank former president Melissa Bordage for starting the project, Julie Levesque for organizing, PMBIA for facilitating, and the Government of New Brunswick for funding. 

The following is from Julie Levesque our Women’s Cycling Chair

Une belle initiative de la part de Velo NB a permis de rassembler des femmes passionnées de vélo de montagne à devenir instructeures.

Une certification PMBIA – Niveau 1 a été offerte à Edmundston pour permettre l’avancement des femmes et des filles dans le cyclisme de montagne.

Provenant de différentes communautés du notre province, elles ont échangé des apprentissages tout en y trouvant le plaisir de se dépasser. Un bel engouement afin de transmettre la pratique du vélo de montagne dans un milieu sécuritaire et inclusif !

Félicitations à toutes les participantes !

Comité de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion

July 2022
Edmundston, NB

A great initiative on the part of Velo NB has brought together women passionate about mountain biking to become instructors.
A level 1 PMBIA certification was offered in Edmundston to enable the advancement of women and girls in mountain cycling.

Coming from different communities in our province, they exchanged learnings while finding the pleasure of surpassing themselves. A great enthusiasm to transmit the practice of mountain biking in a safe and inclusive environment!

Congratulations to all the participants!

Diversity and Inclusion Committee