2017 Velo NB XCO Mountain Bike Series – Final Standings

Velo NB is proud to release the final standings for this years XCO events. A huge congratulations to all competitors who competed over the 2017 season.

You’ll notice the points for Rockwood Park have some differences compared to the others. As a result of a timing and scoring issue, final standings for the race do not have times, or placings outside of the top 3 in the youth race. We worked hard with the organizer to resolve the issue, and come up with a suitable solution. In the end we decided to go with a simple CX style point system, where the winner of each category received 100 points, decreasing by 5 for each position after that. For the youth race, with unknown placements outside the top three, we gave everyone that participated 4th place points (85).

We thought it unfair to not use the race, as from the outset we’ve informed everyone that all races counted towards the points series. The decision was made after conversations with board members, and those in the cycling community. Full results from the Rockwood race can be found on the results page for 2017.

2017 Velo NB Cross-Country-Olympic-Mountain Bike Series Standings – Final

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