Coal Miner’s Lung Race Report

Mountain Bike Minto showed New Brunswick that Minto has a lot to offer to the mountain biking world after hosting the Coal Miner’s Lung XCM event this past weekend. A large community presence came out to support the event and treat riders from around New Brunswick and visitors from Nova Scotia that it is a destination to visit and experience the excellent trails.

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Return to White Rock XC Race Report

Mike Kowalski working his way down "Viagra".

Mike Kowalski working his way down “Viagra”.

Grey sky and rain didn’t dampen the mood of racers in Hillsborough, as the 2016 Velo NB Mountain Bike season kicked off at the White Rock Recreation Area. The Codiac Cycling Trails Club organized the event at the infamous Albert County trail network. Many racers were looking forward to the event, one that returned to the calendar after a long hiatus.

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